PhD Grants from the China Scholarship Council:

Selection Procedure and Schedule


Note: candidates, when applying to this program, fully acknowledge that the admission committee is independent and that its decisions are irrevocable.


*      Mid July, 2021: call for application. Each applicant downloads and fills in the application form, including the identification of the PhD proposals he/she applies for. The duly filled application form and an English copy of the transcripts are sent (by email exclusively) by the applicant to the French co-ordinator (ling.gong@utt.fr) and to the supervisor of every Ph.D. proposal selected (and ranked) by the applicant. The supervisors must give  their opinion on the relevance of the application in relation to the chosen PhD project




One you get (at least) a positive feedback from one French Supervisor, you are requested to immediately contact the CSC to confirm your application and to send to the CSC the required documents. 


*      October 15, 2021:  deadline for reception of the PhD applications from the Chinese candidates.


*      November 15, 2021: deadline for reception of the ranking of the candidates by the supervisors


*      December 2021: pre-selection by a jury composed of one member per institution (UT and INSA).


*      February 2022: Interview in China with the pre-selected candidates. Final selection.


*      May-June 2022: Final admission decision (CSC)


*      September 2022:  Arrival to France (date depends on each institution).


*      October 2022: Integration in the various research groups and registration at the Doctoral School.


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